Hey everybody!  So far, we've seen a lot of Mecha death matches from the Kataphrakts.  The Orbital Knights throw their weight around with their egos inflated to the max, only to get cut down to size when the trick behind their fancy Aldnoah BS gets figured out.

We've also seen a another type of combat towards the end of the first season:  Good, Old-fashioned shootouts, with soldiers from both sides running all over the place trying to capture each other's bases and kill as many enemies as possible.  However, unlike all the combat centering around Kataphrakts, the martian infantry didn't have much success without the Orbital Knights running around in their killing machines.

This brought a question to my mind:  How (without Aldnoah) do the Terran and Martian militaries compare to one another?

800px-Aldnoah2 E1 M4 (2)

UE infantry armed with M4 carbines guard Martian POWs.

After looking back over the series, these are some points of interest I noticed.
  1. The martian infantry is crap... in a lot of ways.
    • To begin with, the martians have no experience in traditional warfare and with the Orbital Knights doing a mojority of the killing, all the regular martians seem to do is provide support from the Landing Castles and Sky Carriers.
    • Also, the martians poorly equip their troops.  The martian infantry was wearing the same uniforms they had in the landing castle, with the only difference being the bullet-proof vests, helmets, and whatever weapons the were holding.  Would you go out onto a battlefield in the frigid weather of Russia dressed like that?  Blind devotion doesn't replace proper equipment.
  2. Aside from the Sky Carrier, the regular martian soldiers have no other combat machines to fight with.
    • When the Earth military invaded castle Saazbaum, did you see anything besides the Landing Castle's missiles and fixed guns or the infantry trying to stop the force of KG-7 Areions that were busting into the castle?
    • On the first episode of the second season, what would've happened if Slaine hadn't been there?  Before then, they were just firing blindly at the small and nimble Areions.  That scene reminded me of stories I heard of the early part of World War 2, when bombers and fighter-bombers had huge success in attacking ships that were built on the idea of fighting other ships.

Of course, all of this is just my opinion.  If anyone feels like it, I'd like to here their's.

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