Hey there, I watched the first episode earlier today and took some notes of things that could be used in this wiki, such as character names, history, locations etc.

Here are the notes:

Episode 01. Princess of Vers

Airdate July 5, 2014

Characters Introduced

1. Slaine Troyard – Born on Earth, taught Princess about Earth stuff. Gives princess a charm from Earth in the shape of a necklace that is supposed to “ward off evil spirts”, the charm used to belong to his father. He and his father were rescued by the Princess 5 years ago, 2009,

2. Count Cruhteo – Hosted Princess Asseylum for 3 months. Wanted to dissuade Princess Asseylum from doing her goodwill trip on Earth

3. Princess Asseylum Vers Alusia – Princess Royal of the Vers Empire. Princess Royal of Mars. Assasination attempted on her, unknown if dead or not.

4. Inaho Kaizuka – Brother to Yuki, called Nao by Yuki

5. Yuki Kaizuka – Warrant Officer Kaizuka – Sister to Inaho

6. Okojo – guy with psp

7. Calm Craftman – comes from the same place as Nina

8. Inko Amifumi – Wants top rank in class. She is on the Student Council

9. Nina Klein – comes from the same place as Calm

10. Kouichirou Marito – Soldier, teaches students how to use KG-6 Sleipnir. Was in Tanegashima. Lieutenant.

11. Souma Yagarai - Doctor

12. Eddeltittuo – Maid like girl walking around with Princess Asseylum

13. Emperor Vers (mentioned, not shown)

14. Saazbaum – Possible incharge of Saabaum Castle. Communicates with Count Cruhteo about Princess Asseylum

Locations Earth

1. Shingawara

2. Tanegashima


1. Vers Empire

2. Orbital Knights

3. UE

History 1. 1999 Heavens Fall, 15 years before current time. Vers Empire declares war against UE(what is UE?). Because of the fierce fighting that went on, on the moon, the Hyper Gate went out of control and destroyed the moon. Countless moon boulders now continues on the moon’s orbit as the Satellite Belt. As a result of the moon being destroyed Earth suffered catastrophic damage. There were meteor impacts, gravity wave-induced crustal deformation, earthquakes, tsunamis, abnormal weather. 15 years after there are still signs of the destruction caused from Heavens Fall. Soldiers of the Vers Imperial Army whose path home to Mars was cut off by the destruction of the Hyper Gate took up residence in the Satellite Belt and even with travel between Earth and Mars now possible without the Hyper Gate


1. KG-6 Sleipnir – Kataphrakt developed by the UE to prepare for the coming Martian threat. Fires off 75mm cannon

2. Aldnoah – Relics from civilization 30,000 years gone. Unbelievable power that reduced the moon to rubble

Other info

1. Martians call earth people “Terran(s)” possibly derogatory

2. Martians are originally emigrants from Earth

3. Martians hate Earth people

4. Subjects of the Vers Empire became a new race distinct from Old Humanity (Earth people) when Emperor Vers inherited the authority of Aldnoah, they now embody the power of the gods

5. There are 37 clans

6. Earthfall Operation (by the Orbital Knights )

7. Of the 37 Landing Castles, 19 have been confirmed to be descending. Landing points are Beijing, Mozambique, New Orleans & Tokyo

8. It is believed one Landing Castle will come down within 20km of Ichigaya or Chiyoda Ward, estimated landing time is 8AM, 3 hour from current time

9. The 37 castles are led by 37 different knights, each has its own distinct military force

10. Landing castles are roughly 2km in length

11. One castle hit New Orleans at 8:05PM CDT. After landing the impact was like that of nuke, immediately after there was an enormous blackout

Landing Castles

1. Saazbaum Castle


The discovery of an artifact belonging to an ancient Martian civilization, the Hyper Gate, on the Moon by Apollo 17, paved the way for the human colonization and development of Mars. However, this resulted in the appearance of the Vers Empire, which claimed ownership of the Martian relics and Aldnoah, their ancient technology and proved to be the source of a long-standing conflict.

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