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    Episode 1 Notes

    July 6, 2014 by Ez1ollie

    Hey there, I watched the first episode earlier today and took some notes of things that could be used in this wiki, such as character names, history, locations etc.

    Here are the notes:

    Episode 01. Princess of Vers

    Airdate July 5, 2014

    Characters Introduced

    1. Slaine Troyard – Born on Earth, taught Princess about Earth stuff. Gives princess a charm from Earth in the shape of a necklace that is supposed to β€œward off evil spirts”, the charm used to belong to his father. He and his father were rescued by the Princess 5 years ago, 2009,

    2. Count Cruhteo – Hosted Princess Asseylum for 3 months. Wanted to dissuade Princess Asseylum from doing her goodwill trip on Earth

    3. Princess Asseylum Vers Alusia – Princess Royal of the Vers Empire. Princess Royal …

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