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Martian Rocket Launcher (火星ロケットランチャー Kasei rokettoranchā?) is an rocket launcher that is featured in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. The standard-issue Vers Imperial Forces rocket launcher appears to resemble the Type 91 Surface-to-air missile launcher.


The Vers Imperial Forces, infantry uses the rocket launcher when invading the U.E. HQ in their search to find Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia. (AZ: "Childhood's End")


  • Strangely, the rocket launcher fails to destroy the Humvee driven by Eddelrittuo, in spite of scoring a direct hit on the front of the vehicle. A real Humvee, even up-armored, would not be able to survive a direct hit from a rocket launcher.
    • This is incorrect. The rocket launcher's round does not directly hit the Humvee; it was shot down by Rayet, using the guns on a commandeered KG-7 Areion. As a result, the round is destroyed and sympathetic detonation effects occur, but the warhead is not triggered, allowing the Humvee to escape.
    • The exact warhead type would also determine the Humvee's livability. A standard HEAT warhead would probably kill the Humvee, but that is reliant on the warhead's detonator initiating and triggering a specific sequence of effects using explosives and the Munroe Effect to create a jet of high velocity super-plasticity molten mental. Without the detonator initiating, the effect is not present. A fragmentation warhead for anti-aircraft use would not be as damaging to the Humvee, given the relatively small warheads in man-portable SAMs (compare 1.17kg for the Strela or 3kg for the Stinger, with the 9.1kg warhead of the air-launched Sidewinder).

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