Andalusia Platoon (アンダルシア プラトーン Andarushia puratōn?) is a platoon that appears in the ALDNOAH.ZERO television series. It is one of many Kataphrakt platoons of the United Forces of Earth.


The platoon consists of four pilots Andalusia Leader, Andalusia-11, Andalusia-22, Andalusia-33, and their KG-7 Areions.

Andalusia Platoon is deployed to attack the Vers Empire transports within the Satellite Belt. They fight one another from long range, however, even with their new weapons, Slaine Troyard in the Tharsis is still able to destroy the platoon. (AZ: "This Side of Paradise")


  • The platoon is named after a horse-breed called, Andalusia, which coincides with the mythological horse names for the United Earth Kataphrakts.

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