ALDNOAH.ZERO Original Soundtrack 2 is a soundtrack album containing the music of ALDNOAH.ZERO Second Cour.

Track listing

# Title Notes
1 aldnoah0rch-&z Orchestral version of &Z, the second opening theme of the series.
2 aldnoah0rch-aCY0rt AcyOrt (OST1 Track 19) rearranged.
3 aldnoah0rch-4rain Read as "Slaine".
4 aldnoah0rch-@0p A-0picturez (OST1 Track 3) rearranged.
5 aldnoah0rch-adlib
6 birth ・ gt ・ music
7 battle ・ game ・ music
8 bpm ・ gain ・ mute
9 haondla-orez1
10 haondla-orez2
11 haondla-orez3
12 haondla-orez4
13 a/z-p1@n0:5罪vers Aldnoah Zero piano Gozaibasu (Word play of Gozaimasu, a honorific which is often used by Asseylum.)
14 a/z-p1@n0:adlib1 Aldnoah Zero piano ad-lib 1.
15 a/z-p1@n0:adlib2 Aldnoah Zero piano ad-lib 2.
16 a/z-p1@n0:adlib3 Aldnoah Zero piano ad-lib 3.
17 Harmonious
18 Harmonious ~Instrumental~
19 Harmonious ~Short Ver.~


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